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The Birthstone of April: Diamond


The diamond is traditionally known as the birthstone of those born in April. This gemstone is said to increase inner strength for the person wearing it and bless them with better relationships. Other properties of this stone include balance, clarity, and abundance. Today, people often give jewelry that is outfitted with their birthstone as gifts to their friends, family, and loved ones.

Over 3 billion years ago, the first diamonds were formed under high pressure and temperatures deep within the earth until a volcanic eruption brought these diamonds to the surface. Ever since, these gemstones have been noted as one of the most desired gemstones in the world.

There have been many different beliefs about diamonds throughout history. Some historical texts claim that these jewels were created by lightning bolts, while other texts claim that diamonds are the tears of gods. Regardless of the historical beliefs and beginnings of this precious gem, today, diamonds are the symbols of everlasting love. These jewels make an excellent birthday, anniversary, or milestone gift for loved ones.

We started The Pink Pigs because we are passionate about making the world a better place. We believe that where you shop matters! Join our team in making a difference by purchasing something in our fabulous and eclectic boutique. We take 100% of the proceeds from customer purchases and help rescue and care for animals in need. When you shop at The Pink Pigs, not only will you receive beautiful items, but you will also be giving something beautiful back to the community. Take a look at some of the items we offer that include diamonds, the birthstone of April.

1. Sterling Silver Owl Pendant

Is your April-born friend or family members a lover of all things owl? We’ve got the perfect Sterling Silver Owl Pendant that features diamond accents. Although lower in clarity, this pendant adds just the right amount of sparkle. Isn’t it a HOOT?

2. Star-link Bracelet

Twinkle like a star in this beautiful Diamond-Accented Star Link Bracelet in silver-plated bronze. This high-quality bracelet is a gorgeous piece that can be found at an affordable price at our boutique.

3. Brown Diamond Heart Ring 

Use this unique rose gold and Brown Diamond Heart Ring as a way to say I love you to your significant other. The beautifully sparkly brown diamonds make this ring a colorful option that will always glimmer in the light when it’s worn.

4. Amethyst & Citrine Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are best paired with other gemstones! Check out this Amethyst and Citrine Diamond Necklace set in solid rose gold. The deep purple from the amethyst and the pop of gold from the citrine perfectly compliments the necklace.

5. Unicorn Headphone Set

Although they may not be real diamonds, this Unicorn Headphone Set is the perfect way to celebrate the little April babies in the family. All little girls can enjoy this sparkly mythical headphone set that comes with rhinestones and a unicorn horn. As a bonus, this set comes with playful bracelets, too!

6. Sterling Silver Animal Ring

Grab your favorite Chinese zodiac on our Sterling Silver Animal Ring that comes in various animals, including pigs, monkeys, Horses, and more. These rings are stunning conversation pieces made from solid fine sterling silver with sparkling cubic zirconia (the diamond imitator).

7. Emerald and Diamond Ring

May’s birthstone is in May, and we’re offering a collaborative ring that brings these two birthstones together in our Emerald and Diamond Ring. This emerald is set in a chic bezel with diamond shoulders on the band. Let this glimmer on your loved one’s finger by purchasing this stunning piece today.

8. Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

For a diamond lover that favors the color pink, our Ruby and Diamond Bracelet is a great option to choose from. The high-quality authentic gemstones set in 14k gold are exceptional jewelry pieces to give to all individuals born in April.

9.Diamond Markers Stainless Steel Watch

Let this watch take you to St. Tropez with a little extra glitz and glamour. This Diamond Markers Stainless Steel Watch, Swiss-made, is a feminine addition alongside an included chain bracelet. The mother of pearl face and internal diamonds add to the sophistication of this piece.

10. Genuine Diamond White Bar Necklace

A romantic diamond-filled necklace that you can give your partner is the Genuine Diamond White Bar Necklace adorned with an encrusted dangling heart. Have you ever seen such a beautiful piece of jewelry to express your love?

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If you want to browse more of our diamond jewelry items, please click here. We are happy to assist you in any help you may need when ordering on our website or looking for a specific piece. Please contact us at (386) 661-2287 or via email at Happy shopping!

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